Improved Canned Messages, New Offline Settings, Print Chat & Translation Stats

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November 26th, 2012

On Friday of last week, we posted some pretty significant to updates to OCC, with some further refinement this week:

Print Chat

This is a new feature for visitors to your website requesting a chat. Directly from the chat window, visitors can print a transcript of the chat they’re having with you or your operators. The Print Chat option is automatically enabled for accounts but can be disabled from your Account Dashboard under Setup > Basic Settings > Global Account Settings

Check out the look of the new button below

Print Chat Transcript

Offline Settings – Hide Icon & Disable Offline Messages

We added 2 more Offline Settings that were highly requested by our users. Both of these options are for Premium & Enterprise users only and can be found in your Account Dashboard under Setup > Basic Settings > Offline Settings

Each of these settings is definable per department/website like most of the other features within OCC:

Disable offline messages but do not hide chat icon – When all your operators are either hidden or offline, this option will show your offline icon but will disable offline messages. It is a setting we had before but it was not able to be set per department.

Hide live chat icon - When you’re offline, this setting will NOT show your offline icon but will instead completely hide the icon. OCC is still tracking visitors to your site but the icon will not be displayed to visitors.

Offline Settings

Canned Messages – Initial per department and per operator

Canned messages can now be individualized further by having the initial message defined per operator or per department or both!

Find this function in your Account Dashboard under Setup > Messages > Canned Messages

In the example below, if “Send as Initial Message” is selected, you can then choose which department/website and/or operator will use the message as their initial greeting to the chat visitor. The per operator selection will override the department selection.

For example:

1. Message A is set for all departments
2. Message B is set for the OCC department
3. Message C is set for OCC department and Victor
4. Message D is set for all departments and Brandon

All operators will send Message A for all departments except OCC department which sends Message B except if Victor accepts the chat then it is Message C.
If Brandon accepts a chat from any department, he sends Message D.

There are checks for each scenario that will prompt you if a conflict arises. Below is an example of how the initial message setting now looks:

Per Operator Canned Messages

Translation Statistics

And, finally, we added some pretty cool and useful graphs to our Translation Program that displays what percentage of each language we have translated for each portion of OCC for each language.

Translation Statistics

Free Versions get a la Carte & Minor Changes

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November 6th, 2012

Here’s a quick note on some new features we’ve released in the past few days.

A La Carte for Free Versions

The major one that some of you have already noticed and taken advantage of is Free users can now purchase a la carte operators, departments and SSL for the same price as Premium users, which is even more affordable than our older pricing.

$2 per month or $19.20 per year (20% discount) per feature.

Minor Updates

You now have a nice check on the Generate HTML page that notifies you when you have operator & department issues and there are potential issues with going online. The site will display a quick notice at the top of the Generate HTML page to notify you when there are:

  • No operators added
  • No departments added
  • No operators associated with departments

Account Notifications

We’ve also fixed some small issues including:

Chat invites - when the chat button text was customized and excessively long, the window would get cut off. This is now fixed.

Online/Offline Icons – when selecting icons for your site, the Save button was buried at the bottom of our pre-made icons. We’ve now placed a Save button at the top for easier access.

Company logo – uploading an excessively large company logo through the Setup Wizard displayed an incorrect preview. Now you will see the resized version of the image.

Hidden Fields in Chat Request Form – New Feature

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October 15th, 2012

For the past few weeks, we’ve been testing a new feature in the OCC Chat Request Form called Hidden Fields.

Hidden Fields allow you to pass information from your web page to the chat request information area and into the chat request form itself.

Note that this is an advanced feature that will require some knowledge of web development to set up.


How Hidden Fields Work

1. Log in to your Account Dashboard

2. Go to Account > Messages > Chat Request Form

Chat Request Form

3. At this point, we’re assuming you have a form already created. If not, click Add Request Form

4. Click form fields (x) to edit the fields on the form you want to edit.

5. Click Add Form Field and select Hidden Field


6. Once you add, you will see a column “ID”


7. Next you must pass data from the website into this hidden field. For this, the data must pass through the icon code.

Find in the OCC code on your website the line below. Note that the x below is your account number.

“<tr><td class=”occIcon-x“>&nbsp;</td></tr>”

Change this line to:

“<tr><td class=”occIcon-x><!– { “request”: { “ID1” : “customer information”, “ID2” : “other field” } } –></td></tr>”


In the example above:

{“”:{“”:”"}} – JSON format.

ID1 - ID of first hidden field. This will be a number like 555

ID2- ID of second hidden field

and so on…


You can dynamically pass any string of info in the place of “customer information” such as a customer ID, email, or phone number. Pretty much anything that is displayed or located in your code on the web page can be passed into these fields.


For example, in PHP the hidden field can look like:

<!– { “request”: { “5555″ : “<?=$idCustomer?>” } } –>

If a chat request is requested from website, the operator will see this hidden field of data in “Request information”


You can also use this same method to pre-fill fields in the form that are visible to the visitor. For example, if they are logged in to your website, you can pass their name, email and phone number through the same methods and when they request a chat, they will see all 3 of these fields filled out on the chat request form! Use the same method outlined above with a different type of field, such as Text Field.


Agent Updates – Chat Tabs, Mac & More

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April 3rd, 2012

Greetings Chatters!

Earlier this week we released updates to all of the OCC Agents with some feature updates.

Download the latest version of the agents here:

OCC for Windows : Version
OCC for Mac : Version 1.12
OCC Web Agent

Here’s what’s new:

Supervisors – Chat Tabs don’t Remain

After launching the previous update with chat tabs remaining in the chat after they end, supervisors would have many chat tabs for all the Operators that are listed under their department. Chats that had ended and active chats. Now other operator chats do not get viewed until they are clicked on by a Supervisor, making the Supervisor mode much more manageable.

Topic – Added to the top of Chats

The topic of the chat is added to the top of chats so it can be easily viewed right in the transcript. A small edit but will be much needed in our upcoming mobile apps!

Pagination in Chat History, Missed Requests, Offline Requests

All the Chats areas now have pages added to improve speed and improve the viewing experience of these sections.

Chats at Top of Visitor List

Chats are now listed at the top of the visitor list for easier access and viewing, effectively dividing the Chats and Visitors into 2 different areas. This is only available in the Windows and Web versions.

Web Agent: # of Messages in Page Title

In the web version, the # of messages are now actively refreshed in the page title, giving a visual indicator to Operators that they have unread messages.

Mac Agent: Updating, Hotkey Chat Switching, New Look

Auto-updating now works – make sure to have it checked!

Switch between chats – Switch between chats in the Mac version by hitting (CMD+TAB)

New look – We added some slicker buttons :)

OCC Live Chat for Mac

OCC for Mac - New Look!

Under the Hood – Minor Fixes

Some other minor stuff was fixed including:

  • Real Time Translation Update
  • Updated Language Captions
  • Chat Forwarding Issues (when chats were forwarded more then 2x)
  • Speed Improvements


Download the latest version of the agents here:

OCC for Windows : Version
OCC for Mac : Version 1.12
OCC Web Agent

OCC Planned Downtime for Migration

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January 19th, 2012

Dear OnlineChatCenters Chatters::

Over the past week or so, you may have noticed performance issues with OCC. We’ve been growing rapidly and were caught off-guard as a small development team, focusing instead on adding features and launching our new website.

For the outages and impacted performance, we sincerely apologize. Since the issues began last week, our technicians have worked around the clock to get our service stable and migrate everything over to a more highly available, scalable and secured cloud hosting infrastructure.

This evening we’ll be refreshing the current database data and redirecting traffic to the new platform, during hours with the lowest amount of traffic, scheduled from 11 PM PST to 1 AM PST. To minimize any issues during this migration period we will be disabling OCC services as we are moving to complete new locations geographically.

Once the migration is complete, you will have to restart your OCC agents for the change to take effect.

If you find ANY bugs, potential issues or speed problems, please report them to us via chat or contact form.

We’ve done extensive testing to ensure basic and most advanced functionality works but there may be a situation that we overlooked. Your feedback is important to us!

Thanks in advance and we look forward to having our OCC family on the new platform!


The OnlineChatCenters Team

Mac Agent v1.11 Released – Invite, Translate Updates & Fixes

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December 21st, 2011

Mac users can and should update their OCC Agents to the latest update, version 1.11

This includes updates to operator to operator invites, visitor chat invites and and update to the translation module which is now active!

With this update, we’ll be officially moving the Mac OCC Agent out of “Beta.”


Download the latest Mac update here: OCC Agent for Mac

WHS: Best Web Tool Awarded to OCC

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December 20th, 2011

We’re honored to have been chosen as a Best Web Tool for the live support software category by Web Hosting Search.
WHS Best Web Tool- Live Support Software

Live Chat Offline Settings: New Feature

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December 14th, 2011

In the OCC administration dashboard, you have the ability to define your offline settings for your website or specific departments.

This feature is available only to Premium users of our live chat. Free users will still only be able to use the “leave a message” option for offline support.


While we plan on releasing more options for when your operators are offline or unavailable, we only have the forward to a URL feature currently available. Future offline options will include forward to phone, go hidden or forward to an instant messaging service.


Find the new settings under Setup > Basic Settings > Offline Settings

Offline Settings for Live Chat

Offline Settings Option

Select the department / website you want to change the setting for and plug in a URL on your website to forward the visitor to when they click your offline icon.

Offline Live Chat Forward to URL

Forward Visitor to URL

With this new feature, Premium users can route visitors more effectively on their site such as forwarding requests to the Sales department to a request quote page, Support department to a support login area or help files and leaving General Inquiries to the regular offline leave a message form.


For more feature updates and specials follow us on our new twitter account: @OCC