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Introduced in late 2004, OnlineChatCenters aims to be the most fully featured free online chat support system. With OnlineChatCenters, there is no excuse for any business-based website to not offer immediate and live online assistance. By offering such a feature filled service for free, it is our objective to set an industry standard that all business-based websites have live chat support. OCC also offers further customization with paid Premium and Enterprise Versions.

With domestic and offshore development choices, Motava Corporation has introduced a web hosted, inexpensive, alternative way for organizations to reduce costs for live call centers in addition to maximizing the use of web-accessible information.

Many consumers, resellers and business partners are turning to your website for information they need, often finding they are either having trouble finding the exact content to satisfy their interest or they still have quick, simple questions.

Instead of hoping the user will approach you via a different medium, they can contact chat operators directly through the website. In addition to the visitor's ability to contact operators, they have the ability to invite them to a chat while previewing their browsing session on the website.

Motava has structured itself to run at a minimum overhead. Most of its needed services are bartered to offer excellent product at a ridiculously low price.

Thank you for visiting OnlineChatCenters and we look forward to working with you in the near future.


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