"Zankyou is present in 22 countries and provides services in 8 different languages so the internationalization and language features OCC offers are critical to our website. The constantly evolving chat software and corresponding mobile apps, all for an excellent price for the Enterprise Version made us choose OCC for our website."

— Javier Calleja, Zankyou

"We use OCC Chat for our e-commerce website on a daily basis. I was most attracted to OCC because of its affordability compared to all other chat software on the market. Even better, the software is user-friendly and easy to install, even when regular updates are needed.

I appreciate the fact that the chat software is easy to modify to best represent our business to our customers. We can use our own logo, create our own chat departments, and modify the chat button look so that it matches the style and design of our coffee website. This is an attractive feature that I'm sure most business owners will appreciate so that the chat icon doesn't look obtrusive or out of place when it pops up on the customer’s screen.

This chat software is beneficial to any business owner because it keeps useful records and logs. If we miss a chat message, an automatic e-mail is sent to our inbox with the message. We can also log in to the software directly to see any messages or requests that may have been missed by accident. After a request has been processed, it is recorded as processed in the chat log.

For all of these reasons, I would recommend OCC Chat to add to the success of any e-commerce business to improve customer communication."

— Mark Ramos, The Coffee Bump

"OCC has always been there when and if an issue arises. Victor is a man of his word, and is great to work with. Sooo happy you were able to get your chat to work on an iPad. I’ve done my homework, and this company has the best pricing and best service out there!"

— Emanuel Benji, Wedding Rings Depot
Vice President

"You guys have great customer support. I signed up in 2009, looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use Live Chat alternative and have never looked back. I appreciate all the work you guys do."

— Jonathan S., UB-04 Software

"We have used OCC for the past few years now and it's really changed the way we work. Instant online chat is often the quickest way to get an answer to our customers. Being able to see browsing trends, entrance keywords and having good visitor logs is also very useful for analytics. Very useful software that is easy to use and I would recommend to anyone!"

— Adam Hughes, Last Minute Musicians

"The OCC chat tool is easy to use and install. We love the feature that notifies us that someone is visiting our site and the option to chat with the site visitor. Our visitors often have questions about our web based visitor management systems and the OCC tool has been essential in answering their questions in real time. This has been a great resource for obtaining new business."

— Jessica Samuels, Veristream, LLC.