New Features & Updates Web Agent: Invites, Canned Messages, Knowledgebase, File Sending

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February 4th, 2010

Some more new updates to the OCC Web Agent have now been uploaded:

1. Custom Invites – Under the Chats menu, we’ve added custom invitations to be sent to site visitors.

2. Timed Invites – Timed invites are also now enabled under the Chats menu.

3. Canned Messages – Your canned messages are also now available within the web agent.

4. Knowledgebase – Your custom knowledgebase articles are also able to be inserted to a chat with a visitor.

5. File Sending – The send file feature now also works to send your visitors files while chatting with them.

We experienced some downtime during this update early this morning around 5 AM PST. We thank the users that notified us and will work to keep our downtime to a minimum or eliminated completely for future updates!

Visit the new OCC Web Agent at:

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