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How do I set up chat invites?

There are 2 types of invitations:
Automatic Chat Invites
Manual Invites
Automatic Invites
You can create automatic chat invites through the Account Dashboard
Set them up under:
Setup > Messages > Automatic Chat Invites
They will automatically appear for visitors to your site when operators are online if enabled.
Manual Invites
You can set up pre-defined invite messages also through the Account Dashboard.
Set them up under:
Setup > Messages > Canned Invite Messages
Manual invites are sent through the OCC Agent. Click on a visitor in the Visitors area, then you can invite them in one of the following ways:
Double click on the visitor
Hit Invite button
Go to Chats > Custom Invite
See the attached image for an example of this.

Last Modified Time: 07/10/14

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