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How do you use the co-browse feature and how does it work?

 The co-browsing feature works for visitors that are both in a chat with you or visitors just browsing your site. To enable the feature, click the visitor from your visitor list and hit the Co-Browsing tab.

Co-browsing is particularly useful in helping visitors when you’re in a chat with them since you can communicate with them and pinpoint their problem with your website.
Co-browse allows you to see what page the visitor is on and is especially helpful when a user is filling out a form on your site.
For example, if they are filling out an application or something similar you can see what they are entering and assist them with any mistakes.
You also have the option to take over their screen and navigate them to a page they may be looking for on your site or fill out the form for them.

Last Modified Time: 09/03/14

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