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If I do not have the SSL add-on enabled, will my web browser start to show that my website contains non-secure elements on the page?

What a visitor sees on the site depends greatly on the settings of your browser and, potentially, their anti-virus software.

With that being said, OCC pops up in a new window and this new window is actually going through OUR website URL, Therefore, nothing will be affected on YOUR website if your chat is not secured with our SSL add-on. There will be no error or unsecure messages since what you have on your site is, essentially, an external link to the OCC website.

However, when a visitor requests a chat through your website and the OCC chat window pops up this window will not be secured with SSL and it is on this window that the individual browser settings previously mentioned come into play.

What you can do to test this now is request a chat through your site and check out how everything looks with SSL, particularly the URL area at the top.

Now go into your administration section and go to Setup > Basic Settings > SSL.
Hit Deactivate to disable SSL.
Now request another chat through your website (you may have to refresh the page first) and check out how everything looks without SSL.

Last Modified Time: 09/03/14

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