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Why do I get a Security warning for HTTPS?
Last Modified Time: 08/26/10
When attempting to use the Email feature within Missed Requests, Offline Messages, or Chat History, I get the error: COULD NOT PERFORM THIS OPERATION BECAUSE DEFAULT MAIL CLIENT IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED.
Last Modified Time: 11/19/10
I have forgotten my Account Dashboard Login, how do I retrieve it?
Last Modified Time: 12/18/12
How do I set up the chat request to bypass the department selection page and go straight to a specific department?
Last Modified Time: 12/18/12
How do I check stats/report of operators?
Last Modified Time: 07/10/14
How do I login to my Account Dashboard?
Last Modified Time: 07/14/14
Is there a way to disable the user from receiving copies of the chat transcript?
Last Modified Time: 09/03/14
I just signed up and added the HTML. How can I ensure that i have everything OK and test the chat system?
Last Modified Time: 09/03/14
Why am I unable to monitor visitors to my site? The Chat Request works, but I do not see them as they surf.
Last Modified Time: 09/03/14
What's the difference between the company logo and the department logo?
Last Modified Time: 09/04/14
How can I use OCC to support other languages other than English?
Last Modified Time: 09/04/14
When attempting to login to the Account Dashboard, I get the error message "Your account is disabled."
Last Modified Time: 09/04/14
How to have links in the knowledgebase articles open a new window?
Last Modified Time: 10/01/14

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