You must setup a Department to have your OCC work for you. There rae benefits in having multiple departments.

To lear more about multipl departments/websites, please read this blog article here.

Department logos provide additional logos per department/website.

Within Design Customization, you can also add Departmental Text description.

Below is an example.

You may choose to have the Online/Offline Icon go directly to that particular department.

If so, the Generate HTML for that particular Department and insert it into your website. When this is done, your "Company Logo" is not at the top-left, and there is no offerring to select department, rather it bypasses the entire screen above and takes the requestor directly to that department's request form as ween below: (for more information about bypassing directly to the department, see our help-files/getting-started/generate-html href="" target="_blank">knowledgebase article here)

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